2023 Camp Videos

WNYT News Channel 13Camp Abilities Saratoga Celebrating 10 Years

Spectrum News – Camp Abilities Saratoga Marks a Decade

2022 Camp Videos

Pepe Productions – Camp Abilities Saratoga Explained!

Pepe Productions – Meet CAS Counselors Megan & Peter

Spectrum News – Giving Kids a Chance to Play

WNYT Upstate of Business – Celebrating 9 Years

2021 Camp Videos

Camp Staff VideoCAS Is In The House

2019 Camp Videos

WRGB CBS 6Camp Abilities Saratoga Changing Lives

WTEN ABC 10Sixth Annual Camp Abilities Saratoga

Wilton ReportCamp Abilities Saratoga

2019 Face Book Live Videos

Live From Saratoga Ninja LabGreen Team & Pink Team

Live From SwimmingNight 1 & Night 2

Prior Year Videos

WRGB CBS 6Beyond The Games

NBC’s Today Show – Everyone Includes Me

HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel – “Fields of Vision”

Camp Abilities 20 Year Anniversary Documentary Footage

Saratoga Camp
Camp Abilities: A Worldwide Vision

Wilton Report – Camp Abilities Saratoga 2015

WNYT News Channel 13 – Camp Abilities Saratoga 2014

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